M174 IR-Enabled Asset Tag


Designed for use with difficult-to-tag, rack-mounted equipment, these affordable and reusable IR-enabled tags work in conjunction with the A740 Rack Locator to allow you to instantly determine and verify the location of rack-based IT assets. 

The M174 battery-powered 433 MHz RF transmitter features replaceable installation tabs for quick and easy installation.  These repaceable tabs connect to the M174 tag body, allowing for simple flag, loop, or thumb-screw installation on any standard U-mounted rack assets that need to be tracked, located and identified.  The form factor of these reuseable tags ensures clear signal transmission in rack and data center deployments.  Every tag broadcasts its unique ID and IR location using RF Code’s patented communication protocol, allowing for very high tag densities and ensuring accurate real-time collection of asset inventory and location data.

m174-with-tamper-tabs-all-smallIn addition to the standard adhesive-backed plastic installation tabs, which are designed primarily for use in scenarios where asset security is not a concern, the M174 can also be deployed with carbon fiber-based RF Code Tamper Tabs, which provide immediate notification and alerting if the M174 tag is removed from a device.  When Tamper Tabs are used with the M174 tag, attempts to peel away, cut, or otherwise detach the tag from either the asset to which it is affixed or from the Tamper Tab itself will be immediately detected by the M174 tag.  The tag  then broadcasts a tamper alert, allowing for immediate security response. 

Powered by a coin cell battery, the M174 tag will perform reliably in extreme temperature environments (from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius).  In addition, the tag performs well after exposure to humidity and hot / cold cycles.  M174 tag cases are impact resistant and temperature stable. The M174 tag operates with a very low duty cycle that translates to long battery life (typically > 5 years).  These tags provide an economical solution for a variety of asset tracking applications.

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