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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership With Continuous Asset Visibility

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Data is a critical asset for every company, but the IT equipment on which that data resides represents a massive investment. From acquisition and deployment, during everyday operations, and finally through to retirement, the total cost of ownership of a multi-million dollar asset extends far beyond the initial purchase price.

To ensure optimal efficiency, every server, storage array and control system in your data center must be visible, monitored and operating at full capacity 24/7.

This means insight into every movement, change and cost for each asset, globally, throughout the asset’s entire lifespan, regardless of whether it’s sitting on the loading dock or installed in a rack.

Our Asset Lifecycle Management solutions unite your commercial, business and operational data so you can track, trend and manage every asset in your IT estate effectively. This provides you:

  • Continuous visibility throughout the asset lifecycle, regardless of whether an asset is on the loading dock, in storage, deployed and operational, or in transit
  • Automated audits that eliminate time-consuming, error-prone, expensive manual processes
  • Accurate, real-time insight into asset inventories, their location, current condition and their financial impact
  • Reduced costs by preventing over-provisioning and efficient capacity management
  • Automated audits by eliminating time-consuming and expensive manual processes
  • 100% utilization throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle
  • Clearer forecasting for density management, a smoother asset acquisition process and data-driven commercial planning