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Take Immediate, Proactive Steps to Increase Efficiency

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Menno-Quote-2Your efficiency objectives could be a more strategic organization, greater competitive advantage, the need to meet government incentives, ensuring compliance with energy and data regulations, or just the desire to put more money back on the bottom line.

Maximizing the business value of your data center while managing expenditure and maintaining performance standards requires data-driven software, monitoring solutions and dashboards and reporting to understand and reduce the TCO of your data center.

Our integrated, real-time solutions enable you to manage every asset in your data center from purchase through decommissioning. This will:

  • Allow you to reduce TCO for your entire data center
  • Increase availability, prevent downtime, and lower the risk to customers and investors
  • Streamline operations and reduce inefficiency
  • Reduce CAPEX and eliminate overprovisioning with complete inventory visibility
  • Improve capacity planning and reach ROI faster
  • Decrease both server and overhead power consumption
  • Prevent regulatory penalties and ensure compliance
  • Maximize the value of your data center investment