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Outsourced Shouldn't Mean Out of Control

Gain Control Now

Choosing to co-locate your data center doesn’t stop the operational pressures or eliminate your fiscal responsibilities. Regardless of whether your assets reside in-house or in an outsourced facility you are still responsible for the equipment, the data it holds, and the service you provide your customers. You need to know your colocation provider values your IT as much as you do.

Likewise, colocation providers must not only align capacity with the needs of all of their customers, but also possess the insight to manage scalability to meet future growth expectations and prove that they are consistently adhering to service level agreements.

By deploying real-time solutions from RF Code, colocation providers can offer clients complete visibility of their outsourced assets. This lets the client efficiently manage their outsourced data center resources and demonstrates verifiable proof that SLAs are being met. Our solutions provide you:

  • Evidence that facility conditions, both environment and asset related, are being met 24/7
  • Assurance that colocation capacity is matching end-user growth 
  • A data-driven operational platform for the creation of utility-based IT strategies
  • The guarantee that disaster prevention is being taken seriously
  • An improved relationship between provider and end-user
  • The ability to add further value to your own IT, and for the colocation provider, to their own service proposition