A740 Rack Locator

The A740 Rack Locator is an infrared (IR) signaling unit designed for use in IT data centers with open or closed server racks.  When deployed in concert with IR-enabled tags (including the R104-i IR-Enabled IT Asset Tag, R114-i IR-Enabled Flex Mount Tags, and A750 Room Locators) the system provides a method of locating tagged assets with rack-level precision.  Each Rack Locator transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique 4-digit location code.  The intensity of the IR transmissions can be adjusted to achieve complete coverage for open or closed racks with minimal bleed-over to adjacent racks.

IR-enabled tags monitor their environment for incoming IR signals and periodically report both their own unique ID and the applicable IR location code.  Tag transmissions are processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify tagged assets with rack-level accuracy, for open or closed racks. A750 Room Locators can be used to illuminate larger coverage zones (e.g., receiving and staging areas) with a typical radius of 35 feet.  Coverage zones are limited by solid physical structures such as rack doors and walls, however IR transmits within line-of-sight, and signal bouncing effectively floods a coverage zone with the location code.

The A740 has a unique form factor consisting of a small control box and two flexible LED banks.  Powered by a 100-240 V power supply w/ IEC connector and US cord, the A740 Rack Locator will perform reliably in temperature environments from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius.  With simple installation, modular design and low price, Rack Locators provide an economical solution to a variety of asset tracking problems.  Large populations of assets can be monitored using a single reader.  Since the location of tagged asset is determined via IR location reports, there is no need for redundant readers, signal strength calculations or complicated triangulation algorithms.

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