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Truly efficicent asset management, security, and capacity and change planning solutions require accurate, reliable asset location data. RF Code RFID asset tags - available in a variety of form factors suitable for use with almost any enterprise asset - report each asset's location and ensure that assets are tracked in real-time throughout their entire lifecycle.  From purchase to retirement, RF Code RIFD asset tags ensure your assets are tracked continuousy without any manual intervention, thus eliminating many errors to provide accurte, dependable data necessary for making informed planning and management decisions.

All RF Code asset RIFD tags feature encoded radio transmissions, low power consumption for long battery life and reduced maintenance costs, and superior anti-collision technology for high-tag densities. Tags can include motion and tamper detection sensors, customizable beacon rates, and a broad variety of mounting and enclosure options.

Asset Management Whitepapers

  • The ROI in IT Asset Management -- A Business Case for Utilizing Intelligent Asset Management Technology >

    Released August 8, 2013. Companies that have embraced IT asset management technology have realized many immediate and long-term advantages, including the savings generated by these systems. IT asset management usually pays for the necessary investment More
  • On Time, Every Time: Automated Asset Management Drives Optimized Control of Reusable Transport Containers — and Boosts Profits at Every Turn >

    Released June 4, 2013. The ever-increasing demand for a just-in-time supply chain requires logistics operators to be in complete control of their assets at all times. But manual systems or partially automated processes are no longer sufficient More
  • Big Data. Bigger Security Risks- How Data Centers Can Track, Manage, and Secure Data with Dedicated Asset Tracking Networks >

    Released March 28, 2013. Companies are spending billions of dollars to fight the threat of cybercrime by deploying processes to keep hackers out of their systems and away from their data. Meanwhile, many of today’s most damaging More
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Asset Management Webinars

  • A First Glimpse of a First >

    Learn about RF Code's radically new solution that allows you to track your IT assets down to the rack level—for both open and closed door racks. More
  • A New Best Practice: Combining Environmental, Power and Asset Data at the Rack Level >

    RF Code's VP of Product Development Chris Gaskins explains how combining rack-level time asset tracking, environmental monitoring and power monitoring helps you to solve your data center problems differently, more intelligently. More
  • The Convergence of Physical and Asset Security: A Unified Approach to Protecting Your Organization >

    Asset management is a key component of a company’s overall security strategy. Until now, however, it was a separate process, distinct from your security system. Watch this webinar and learn how integrating RF Code’s fully More
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