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Instrumenting for Efficiency 

The Value of Environmental Monitoring

RF Code customers know that tracking their critical assets across their entire lifecycle drives tremendous operations efficiency and streamlines your asset management processes. But it's important to consider how easy it would be to magnify the value of that RF Code investment. Using the same readers and software they already have, enhancing that deployment to include accurate and highly granular environmental monitoring is a snap ... and the benefits are tremendous!

In this 30-minute presentation, RF Code's Jonathan Luce and Marty Johnstone explore the ways in which adding our wire-free environmental monitoring sensors to an existing RF Code solution can drive even greater efficiency and savings, and discuss the real-world problems that environmental sensors solve, including:

  • Delivering far more environmental data than a typical BMS system can provide
  • Vastly improving your management and monitoring abilities from the core to the edge
  • Avoiding costly downtime by instantly detecting environmental hazards like water leaks, CRAC failures, and overheating equipment 

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