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Real-Time Monitoring Saves CenturyLink Millions Annually: Learn How

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Data centers are expensive - to build and to run. With the costs of power and cooling growing at unprecedented rates, no organization can afford to let these multimillion dollar assets operate at anything less than optimal efficiency.

Studies show that by raising rack air intake temperatures by just 1 degree Fahrenheit, you can reduce annual data center power costs by 2-5%. But, raise data center temperatures too much, and you jeopardize your equipment and risk costly downtime. Accurate, real-time monitoring helps you balance these risks and rewards. With historical data and predictive analysis you can map power and cooling requirements to the varying workloads in your data center.

Our environmental sensors and corresponding software ensure you’re alerted of temperature and humidity changes, leaks, power level usage drops or increases and any other environmental shift requiring your attention.

  • Get real-time data and warnings when problems are detected
  • Find the right balance between energy costs and asset reliability
  • Prevent disasters and minimize downtime
  • Correlate environmental and asset data for accurate density management
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, fluid detection, air pressure, rack level power usage and more in real-time