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Real Time Asset Tracking System for Data Center Managers

Real-time asset management is critical in today's dynamic data center environments.With RF Code's CenterScape platform, IT asset managers can keep track of what really matters, including location, temperature, and so much more.

As any IT asset manager can tell you, data centers are highly dynamic environments. Critical IT assets travel throughout the facility on a daily basis, with incoming assets sitting on loading docks or placed in storage, devices are being taken offline for maintenance and equipment being deployed and de-provisioned as service requirements grow and change. The result? Highly valuable IT assets that store sensitive information are often misplaced by the IT asset manager due to inaccurate physical asset management practices. In fact, IT asset managers at companies that use outdated manual asset tracking and inventory processes like passive RFID technology, bar code scanners or clipboards and spreadsheets routinely report an annual average of 15% inventory inaccuracy. The result? Decreased asset utilization, lost revenue and regulatory compliance concerns.

See How It Works

RF Code’s continuous, real-time asset tracking solution enables your IT asset manager to drastically improves your asset management processes, delivering 99+% asset location accuracy across the entire lifecycle of each and every IT asset. By providing information on the location of your IT assets in real-time, RF Code solutions ensure inventory accuracy and deliver continuous savings by eliminating costly, time-consuming, inaccurate IT audit processes.

Why Companies Choose Asset Tracking Solutions from RF Code


Replace costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual inventory and audit processes with continuous, automated, accurate asset visibility


Reduce over-provisioning, improve data center staff efficiency, and ensure that every IT asset is deployed and delivering value for 100% of its lifecycle

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Instant, accurate inventory reporting on-demand. Enable your IT asset manager to ensure maximum return on all data center investments, from deployment to retirement

Ease of Use

Realize immediate savings with our simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage IT asset manager solutions


Enhance the capabilities of your other data center management investments with the power of RF Code’s real-time data

Real Savings from Real Customers


reduction in audit costs

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cost savings from 27%rack cooling improvement

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6 Day

ROI after installation

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