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Upgrade your bank branch IT room
to a Smart Room

Work smarter to serve customers better, protect data and boost compliance.




Asset Automation & Room Monitoring

Streamline how you manage bank branch IT rooms and the assets inside them. The Smart Room solution automates asset management from receipt to disposal and monitors room conditions in real time​.

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The Smart Room Transformation

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Operations Center

One place for you to know what’s happening and the conditions inside each and every Bank Branch IT room, and to track and audit assets as they move around.

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Asset Chain of Custody​

Automatically maintain an audit trail of asset handling and location from receipt to disposition (because it just can’t be done manually).

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Hard Drive Disposal​

Real time hard drive tracking solution to protect customer data and maintain compliance by eliminating disposal blind spots. Secure storage and real time tracking in one solution.

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Keep Everything in Sync​

Keep the data in your other systems accurate automatically with the data integration API. For audit, compliance, ITSM, ERP and more.

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