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Real Time Power Monitoring for Data Center Managers

Real-time power monitoring is critical in today's ever-changing data center environments. RF Code's wire-free AC voltage, smart PDU connecting sensors, and CenterScape platform dramatically reduce TCO by eliminating the wires, IP address allocation, and network administration costs associated with power monitoring.


Typical data center power distribution is complex. It involves many data center organizations coordinating their efforts to ensure the status quo while preserving business continuity and IT equipment uptime at the rack.

Maintaining IT equipment uptime depends on delivering adequate power conditions for the application load actively running. Establishing which rack power metrics are important for a particular configuration requires information about the equipment in the rack, the site power distribution, and preference for additional functionality, such as power redundancy and available power capacity.

With RF Code’s rack power monitoring solution, data center operators can take a proactive role in managing rack power consumption while maximizing both efficiency and rack capacity. By utilizing real-time power metrics and correlating it with information from historical trends and other sensors, operators ensure uptime, improve capacity planning, and facilitate a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership.

rf-code-power-monitoringSEE HOW IT WORKS

Automated data collection and analytics provide meaningful metrics where operations and finance teams can manage IT equipment uptime, reduce power consumption and costs with smarter energy management strategies, and increase transparency for accurate power consumption usage costs to organizations and clients.

Finally, unlike network-connected rack PDUs, RF Code's active RFID RPDU sensors can be deployed without compromising security. Their secure, one-way access to power data delivers "wire-free" power monitoring while utilizing a single pane of glass (CenterScape) for configuration. RF Code power monitoring solutions:

  • are easy to install and feature highly scalable wire-free sensors
  • deliver the real-time data and warnings you need when problems are detected
  • help you find the right balance between energy costs and asset reliability

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Why Companies Choose Power Monitoring Solutions from RF Code


Instant, continuous data center power monitoring down to the individual rack PDU or device level, 24/7


Simplify power usage visibility and save money with improved capacity planning and efficiency.


Complete visibility, accountability and compliance reporting drives informed decisions and ensures SLAs are delivered and met

Ease of Use

Realize immediate savings with our simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage power monitoring solutions


Enhance the capabilities of your other data center management investments with the power of RF Code’s real-time data

Real Savings from Real Customers


reduction in audit costs

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cost savings from 27% rack cooling improvement

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6 Day

ROI after installation

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