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White Paper:

How Real-Time Asset Management Translates into Real ROI

Real-time asset management system drives datacenter audit accuracy and efficiency,  leads to the immediate and ongoing savings.

A Business Case for Utilizing Intelligent Asset Management Technology

Companies that have embraced IT asset management technology have realized many immediate and long-term advantages, including the savings generated by these systems. IT asset management usually pays for the necessary investment many times over in direct cost-savings, indirect cost-savings, and opportunity cost-savings.

Specifically, the implementation of asset management systems has helped companies eliminate time-consuming manual audits and lost asset replacement costs, reduce lost assets, and gain the data they need to more strategically plan to meet future data center needs.

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  • how companies justify the spending to procure an application to manage their IT investments
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  • the immediate and ongoing savings associated with an intelligent asset management system, including the ROI of this investment

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