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RF Code for the Colocated Data Center

Colocation Service Providers and Consumers Ensure Visibility, Guarantee SLA Compliance, Reduce Risk, and Maintain Control of Hosted Data Center Resources with RF Code

Unique, Integrated Hardware & Software Solutions for Colocation Service Providers and Hosted Compute Service Consumers

Colocation operators providing space, power, cooling, and physical security for the data center assets of other firms, and colocation customers entrusting corporate computing resources to the care of a colocation provider need RF Code. Whether deploying RF Code's automated IT asset management, real-time visibility, and environmental monitoring solution CenterScape or simply leveraging RF Code's dedicated sensors and reader infrastructure to augment existing BMS, ITAM, and DCIM systems, RF Code ensures uptime, increases efficiency, reduces operational costs, and enables rapid problem resolution in hosted data centers.


Continuously track, audit, maintain inventory, and manage hosted assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Ensure client confidence with 100% visibility of all hosted assets 24/7/365.


Monitor temperature, humidity and related environmental metrics down to the rack level. Guarantee SLAs with detailed reporting, auditing, and alert notifications. Ensure operational efficiency and drive savings to the bottom line.


Improve security, prevent downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance with detailed reporting and instant problem notification. Protect customer assets and avoid liability by protecting against theft and malfeasance with continuous visibility of all hosted assets.

Improve efficiency. Save money. Reduce risk.

RF Code solutions are powered by our applications for tracking assets and monitoring environmental and power conditions. This allows you granular, real-time insights to ensure uptime, reduce operational expenses and stay compliant.



Generate asset inventory reports for remotely hosted resources automatically,  eliminating expensive, inaccurate manual audits.


Gain a better understanding of asset status from acquisition to disposal, allowing you to effectively plan, manage and predict future operational needs.


Whether locally or remotely hosted, RF Code allows you to manage potential risk to high-value assets, reduce infrastructure or service downtime, and confirm SLA compliance.


Better utilize existing resources and eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Secure operations and reduce risk with instant notification of unauthorized access in hosted facilities.


Reduce operational risk due to unauthorized or unplanned changes at remote locations.


Know the precise physical location of your most important assets at any given time, regardless of whether they are in storage or deployed to colocated facilities.


Quickly identify potential threats to your colocated data center, and identify opportunities for improved operational efficiency.

Real Customers. Real Savings.

RF Code's solution has been more cost effective than other solutions. In fact, it was a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. And it works better than I ever expected.

Robert Hunt
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Why Companies Choose RF Code for Colocated Date Centers

Optimize Costs

Reduce the need for local skills, unified asset movement, integrate with existing tools and monitor all locations from a single platform

Reduce Complexity

Scalable, easy to visualize displays. Hardware an environment conditions monitored without the need to integrate with hosting provider's hardware

Manage Efficiency

Remote, hosted locations monitored and measured without custom adapters, maintain local SLAs and provide data to compare efficiency across all sites

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