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Real-time Intelligence of
Unmanned, Remote IT Spaces

Sentry is RF Code’s newest innovation for remote edge computing.

One console, 24/7/365 visibility

Know what’s going on in your remote IT spaces without having to be on-site.

Sentry is constantly monitoring unmanned, remote IT environments so you don’t have to. With deep intelligence and real-time alerts, Sentry makes it easier to prevent, thwart, or remediate costly IT situations.


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Key Features

Asset Visibility

Get live and recorded video monitoring of all your remote IT environments from anywhere at any time.


Sentry tracks temperature activity. Thermal sensors monitor temperature fluctuations, pinpoint hot spots, and alert you of any spikes.

Failure-Tolerant Connection

With a backup battery, Sentry stays up and running to give you uninterrupted visibility in the face of power failure or an area-wide outage.

Automated, Real-Time Alerts

When something goes wrong, you need to know. Sentry will send an alert when it detects a threat to your remote IT environment.

How It Works

Easy Implementation and Use

No complex wires or tech support required.

Sentry’s implementation process is pretty simple. Its plug-and-play design can be set up within 20 minutes, feeding deep IT environmental room data to your dashboard almost immediately.

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Many Locations. One View.

Get live and recorded monitoring of all critical asset environments on one screen.

With Sentry, you get full visibility into your unmanned IT spaces as if you were really there. Whether it be human error, environmental issues, an extreme weather event, or a power outage, Sentry captures and displays deep IT environment data on intuitive dashboards.

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Thermal Camera Monitoring and Detection

Get real-time temperature and thermal camera monitoring

Going beyond the basic capabilities of a video camera, Sentry’s built-in thermal sensors monitor and report on temperature fluctuations, pinpoint hot spots, and alert you to any unusual spikes… in real-time.

Explore The Benefits of Thermal Monitoring

Automated & Real-time

You need the comfort knowing that your IT assets are secure.

If an unexpected situation arises, Sentry alerts you instantly of a possible threat to the environment. Alert fatigue? Configure Sentry to notify you only of certain types of situations.

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Monitoring During a Power Failure

Sentry stays up and running through almost any type of disaster.

Whether it’s a flood, a power outage or a network failure, Sentry continues to run and report in the face of a disaster. Thanks to a backup battery pack, you can rest easy knowing Sentry is working even when other things around are lights out.

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Sentry Reduces
Risk & Cost

Situations that occur in unmanned and unmonitored IT spaces can be costly.

It's common for critical IT assets to share space with other equipment, files, or materials increasing exposure to human errors. Multi-purpose spaces increase IT equipment exposure to human error and theft. Sentry's motion, temperature and hotspot sensors alert you to unusual room activity.

Sentry Stands Up to Mother Nature

Secure your critical IT assets in the face of local or wide area disaster.

A lightning storm hits one of your remote IT facilities. You're a world away, but Sentry is there to alert you about a sudden temperature spike. You quickly login and assess. You direct someone on site and you save thousands of dollars worth of critical IT equipment.



I can honestly say the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer. You get three monitoring devices in one unit ... temperature, humidity, and camera monitoring. Sentry is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team's budget. It provides real-time visual access and rich data of each IT environment that we’re monitoring. It also has thermal scanning so I can check any room that houses critical IT equipment for potential hotspots that would cause an outage in the future.
John Fletcher, Lead Technology Analyst
Major U.S. Retail IT Firm

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