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Wire-free Solutions for Monitoring Data Center Environmental Conditions

Real-time data center monitoring is critical in today's ever-changing data center environments. With RF Code's CenterScape platform and our easy-to-deploy and affordable wire-free sensors you get continuous data center monitoring capabilities, including temperature, humidity, location, and more.

Data Centers are large and complex, with environmental conditions that vary not just from area to area but also from rack to rack. Environmental conditions must be monitored and controlled to ensure availability and to avoid SLA violations. Fluid leaks must be detected immediately to prevent damage to critical assets and infrastructure. Air flow and pressure must be maintained to ensure proper HVAC and CRAC performance. Temperatures must be controlled to prevent equipment from overheating, but overcooling protects equipment … at enormous energy costs that no business can afford.

RF Code's easy-to-deploy data center monitoring solution delivers granular, real-time environmental data down to the rack level. Our wire-free sensors provide awareness of temperature, humidity, air pressure, leak detection and more in real-time, and our software supports evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of your data center cooling efforts using metrics like Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI), giving you the data center monitoring information you need to proactively detect problems, protect your critical assets, and prevent disastrous downtime.


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Why Companies Choose Environmental Management Solutions from RF Code


Instant, continuous data center monitoring and environmental visibility down to the individual rack level, 24/7


Safely increase set points and reduce cooling costs without risking overheating. Proactively address environmental hazards and prevent disastrous downtime

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Complete visibility, accountability and compliance reporting drives informed decisions and ensures SLAs are delivered and met

Ease of Use

Realize immediate savings with our simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage data center monitoring solutions


Enhance the capabilities of your other data center management investments with the power of RF Code’s real-time data

Real Savings From Real Customers


reduction in audit costs

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cost savings from 27% rack cooling improvement

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