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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. However, if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, please visit our contact page to schedule a free consultation.

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How do you sell the solution?
The solution is sold as a bundle via a subscription model. This model takes the guesswork out of what is required for an ideal RF Code deployment. Our customers like this option because they pay annually per rack or per location and receive all the hardware, software, support, and maintenance with a predictable cost model.
What are our deployment options?
The preferred method of deploying the RF Code solution is through partners. RF Code will ensure alignment to the best available resources and recommended deployment options.
Can I just buy the hardware?

RF Code’s real-time data center solutions are similar to full stack IoT solutions that achieves its value when deployed as a solution. The wire-free sensors communicate on a patented air protocol to the gateways, and then that data is available in our integrated software. We do not have a hardware only solution.

Can I ask you a question?
Of course! Our sales team can be reached at 877.463.0756 while our support team's number is 866.830.4578. You can reach our main switchboard at 877.969.2828. You can also use our chatbot in the lower right-hand corner of this website. Finally, if you'd prefer to communicate electronically you can submit a contact request using the form on this page.
Do you have a solution for our remote locations?
Our solution extends beyond the data center to remote locations such as computer rooms and technology closets. This is what we generally call the Edge Computing Environment. Understanding in real-time what assets exist in these locations, if they are being used or sitting idle, and managing the overall lifecycle and health of the assets in remote locations compared to the cost and ease of implementing the RF Code for Edge solution is invaluable.
How do I upgrade the software?
Software upgrade packages are available upon request from support@rfcode.com. Our support team will ensure that you get the appropriate upgrade package and provide upgrade instructions.
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How do you address security concerns?
Our platform is secure in the sense that it is out of band, so it won't be discoverable easily and can be securely managed. Please see this whitepaper for more information
What are your SLAs for technical support?

Support response times are as follows:

Issue Severity Response Time
1 - System Down 1 Business Hour or Less
2 - Major System Issue 2 Business Hours or Less
3 - Minor System Issue 4 Business Hours or Less
4 - Configuration or General Questions 1 Business Day or Less
I already have a DCIM, what makes you different?
Our solution is more than just the software since our wire free sensors and intelligent gateways provides the constant visibility of real-time asset information. If you have a DCIM, that's ok too. We have integrated with many DCIMs for the reason of providing an automated way to capture the asset information into the DCIM's configuration management database (CMDB). This eliminates the need for manual processes with barcode scanners. We'd be happy to work with your DCIM provider to automate the capture of information into your existing CMDB. Please refer to the Technology Partners page for more information about current partnerships.
We already have an RFID solution in place – what makes you different?
We started in the RFID business 20 years ago and have evolved in our offering to provide real-time information about your data center assets. This includes a proprietary air protocol that is out of band, which enables the secure communication of our wire free sensors and our intelligent gateways. Our batteries last on average of 5 years. Our solution is pretty easy to deploy as well. We'd love to understand your RFID use case and if there is anything we can help with that would improve the automation and efficiency of key data center business processes.
What’s the difference between active vs. passive solutions?
A better way to look at this is to understand the total cost vs. value of automated vs. manual methods that impact the lifecycle of your data center assets. This includes the cost of labor and time it takes to employ manual methods that include passive technologies in performing audits.  In addition, there is a cost associated with risk if something critical were to go missing or if an unexpected environmental incident were to occur.  These are just a few ways to evaluate cost vs. value.  We'd be happy to explore what the TCO and ROI could look like for you if you already have a passive system in place vs. what an automated solution like RF Code could provide.
Can I integrate CenterScape with my Building Management System (BMS)?
Absolutely! By utilizing CenterScape's built-in Modbus and BACnet connection features, integration with most BMSs is simple. Step by step information can be found both the System Administration guide and in articles on our knowledgebase.
Is the data contained in CenterScape secure?
By using industry standard database platforms and proven secure communication protocols like TLS, you can rest assured that your data is safe. CenterScape also integrates directly with LDAP security (such as Microsoft Active Directory) so the only people logging into CenterScape are those authorized to do so.