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Technology Partners

RF Code helps you reduce costs even further by integrating our real-time data capture platform into your existing technology ecosystem.

We Make the Best Technology Even Better

Today’s dynamic data centers use a variety of integrated technologies to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. RF Code adds critical value and helps you reduce costs even further by integrating CenterScape, our real-time data platform, with your existing technology ecosystem. Since no two technology integrations are exactly alike, we will work closely with you and your other technology providers to develop an easy integration through an open API via SNMP, Modbus, or BACnet.

Different Categories Have Different Needs

IT Service Management (ITSM)
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Building Management Systems (BMS)

IT Service Management (ITSM)


Achieve end‑to‑end transformation for your IT services and infrastructure through a single cloud‑based platform. ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) software lets you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes. It’s simple to configure and fast to deploy, so you can go live quickly with confidence, while scaling to your business needs.

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BMC ITSM solutions blend modern digital services design with best-practice ITSM principles to lead a new era in service management excellence. Modernize your service desk with the right ITSM solution from BMC.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


The integration of RF Code’s CenterScape into Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Data Center Operation simplifies the management of complex data and reduces data manipulation, providing a single source of information.


Integrating RF Code and the Nlyte DCIM system provides accurate real-time intelligence which replaces the error-prone, manually entered inputs. Barcodes and manual processes can be eliminated through real-time data about your assets that feed into your DCIM.


The Modius OpenData solution is fully integrated with RF Code’s environmental monitoring solution allowing it to easily consume and analyze environmental data through real-time status and performance of all their physical data center assets.


"A Match Made in DCIM Heaven” Working together, iTRACS and RF Code are turning vital real-time data about assets, their locations, and their environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) into actionable information that helps decision-makers improve asset management, resource management, and the overall efficiency of their physical infrastructure.


Optimum Path Systems provides integration of Visual Data Center Enterprise Edition and RF Code’s wire-free environmental monitoring solution. The integrated solution enables data center managers and facility managers to improve visibility and control of the environmental layer within the data center, including real-time three dimensional thermal imaging of the facility.


Datacenter Clarity LC’s integration with RF Code provides a fully automated inventory data feed with accurate and easily verifiable asset location within the data center. Customers get clarity and visibility in a high definition 3D virtual environment to avoid issues related to temperature, humidity, fluid detection, air pressure, and rack level power usage.


Future Facilities, Ltd 6SigmaDC software, which is a “Virtual Facility” data center modeling environment, is seamlessly integrated with RF Code’s wire-free environmental monitoring solution. The integrated solution is the first to combine wire-free real-time monitoring and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools.


CA Technologies’ integration with RF Code enables customers to collect, monitor and analyze environmental and asset location information captured with intelligent sensor technology, providing an enhanced view of their data center infrastructure. By leveraging data center infrastructure data, customers can more easily optimize capacity planning, diagnostics and other key IT management capabilities.


Through RF Code’s integration with Compass’ open DCIM platform, customers now have an effective wireless tool for real time asset management throughout the never-ending process of moves, adds and changes. This integration also provides data center operators with an effective method of monitoring the environment within their facilities to maintain an optimal climate for equipment operation.


Cormant-CS seamlessly integrates with RF Code to provide real time asset and environmental data to the Cormant DCIM solution.  Cormant-CS provides a centralized data repository for all infrastructure data to be collected, tracked, visualized, alarmed, managed, analyzed and archived.  Cormant-CS and RF Code integrate to deliver enhanced asset and environmental infrastructure management for the Data center and across the entire enterprise. Multiple successful integrations deployed globally.


Tuangru’s next generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is designed for today's hybrid IT environments. Whether your workloads reside on-prem, in edge data centers or in the cloud, we provide you with a holistic view of your entire infrastructure for management and optimization.



This RF Code & Schneider Electric joint solution allows power monitoring data to flow over the RF Code radio frequency infrastructure, which in turn allows for the elimination of costly wired Ethernet connections to each PDU. These sensor tags are custom designed to integrate with the APC 8xxx series PDU’s by Schneider Electric. All power data collected from the PDU flows via the RF Code readers to the RF Code software Zone Manager, Asset Manager, and into other applications via new and existing integration modules for power monitoring and display.


Server Technology, Inc. and RF Code, Inc. have developed a rack level wire-free power monitoring solution designed for data center energy optimization. This jointly-developed solution integrates Server Technology’s Smart and Switched cabinet power distribution units (CDUs) with patented Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPSTM) -- with or without Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPSTM) functionality.



Chatsworth Products (CPI), a global manufacturer of products and solutions that protect and power customer investment in information and communications technology for IT and industrial automation applications, collaborates with RF Code to provide an integrated rack power distribution unit (PDU) monitoring solution that combines the intelligence of CPI’s eConnect® Monitored and Monitored Pro PDUs with RF Code’s CenterScape real-time data platform to monitor conditions and power utilization at the rack and device level over a secure and private, radio-frequency, wire-free network.

Building Management Systems (BMS)


Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) is a global leader in building automation systems. RF Code’s integration supports their interfaces to help drive smart decisions that optimize building performance.