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White Paper:

Asset Vulnerability: The Six Greatest Risks Facing Asset Inventory and Management

How a single automated solution revolutionizes IT asset inventory management and ensures improved security.

The Six Greatest Risks Facing IT Asset Inventory and Management — and the Single Automated Solution

From procurement, to maintenance, to retirement, the lifecycle of a single piece of IT hardware introduces uncountable opportunities for asset-tracking vulnerability. When multiplying these risks by thousands or even millions of servers, storage devices, computers, and other sensitive equipment, the magnitude of the chances for mismanagement, security breaches, auditing mistakes, and man-hour diversion expands exponentially.

Download this white paper today and learn about:

  • continuous inventory solutions: the best way to track and manage computing assets
  • automated, wire-free data collection technologies that enable fully automated IT asset tracking
  • the closed-loop inventory process that produces accurate asset inventory and location information every 10 seconds
  • how eliminating error prone manual processes ensures device location accuracy, enhanced data integrity, and improved security

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