• The new M174 tag, from RF Code.
  • New Mobile Management Platform. Introducing the real time, interactive, mobile version of Asset manager.
  • P2A Upgrade Program - Trade up your tags with our passive to active incentive program.
  • RF Code Prepares Your Data Center for DCIM
  • Webinar: From Promise to Reality: Proactive, Real Time DCIM
  • Active vs. Passive RFID
  • Whitepaper: The ROI in IT Asset Management -- A Business Case for Utilizing Intelligent Asset Management Technology
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Download Asset Manager Mobile

With Asset Manager Mobile, real-time asset management is in the palm of your hand. Easily add, edit, and locate your assets while on the go. View and analyze environmental sensor data, and receive and respond to alerts as they occur, helping to ensure operational efficiency and continuity. Download our iOS or Android application today.

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Solution Brief: ASHRAE, RCI/RTI & RF Code

Determining the “right” amount of cooling in the data center can seem nearly impossible. Learn how RF Code helps you use RCI/RTI metrics to follow ASHRAE power and cooling guidelines, ensuring efficiency and savings.  

Focus on Supply Chain Visibility

Trying to manage assets in open yards or covered storage? Then you’ll know what we mean when we say "If you can’t see it you can’t manage it."

Real-time location data increases visibility, accelerating cost savings and increasing asset utilization. Learn how a combined solution from Vehnet and RF Code imrpoves control, lowers costs, and increases service levels.

Vodafone Chooses RF Code to Protect, Audit and Manage Assets

See why: download this whitepaper to learn more about automated asset management.

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