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IBM Controls Assets Throughout Their Entire Lifecycle: So Can You

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Accurate, up-to-date and easily verifiable information is critical to effective capacity planning and density management. With real-time asset tracking and automation, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your assets—from purchase through deployment to end-of-life—to calculate and reduce the total cost of ownership of your data center.

Avoid redundancy and overprovisioning with continuous asset visibility—whether assets are connected, in storage or just arrived on the loading dock. Reduce operational costs by always knowing the precise status of your assets. Easily determine the location and productivity of assets while eliminating inaccurate, error-prone manual processes.

  • Reduce manpower costs associated with inventory management
  • Stop searching for lost, unidentified or misplaced assets
  • Optimize workflow and workload management
  • Audit and reconcile all assets immediately from your RF Code console