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Your Partner in Environmental Monitoring

  • For data center facility managers, adjusting temperature set points based on up-to-date data isn't just an option – it's a must. Traditionally, data centers operated at low temperatures. RF Code's wire-free sensors offer confidence in raising set points intelligently, leading to energy savings and alignment with your sustainability goals.

  • Not all environmental sensors are created equal. Our wire-free sensors deliver the most precise information and real-time alerts on critical factors such as temperature, humidity, airflow, and more. Our wire-free, stress-free sensors seamlessly integrate with your DCIM or BMS, and are easy to deploy and redeploy, eliminating operational headaches and costs.

  • Partner with RF Code to optimize the performance of your infrastructure management systems in real-time. Our sensors empower anomaly detection, disruption prevention, and operational efficiencies. Join organizations leveraging RF Code to enhance data center sustainability outcomes. The first step is taking a demo to get an up-close look at how we transform data into actionable environmental insights.

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