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Case Study: Datavita

RF Code's Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Solution Helps DataVita Protect Customers and Build Revenue

In commissioning their 4,000 sq. m. data center, DataVita determined that to ensure efficient operations and support their clients they needed cost effective rack-level temperature and humidity monitoring. The company sought an experienced partner to design and deploy a rack-level monitoring solution that would protect both their customers and help them build revenue.

See why DataVita chose RF Code to provide the enhanced visibility they needed for:

  • Savings from improved cooling efficiency

  • Protection of their SLA 100% uptime guarantee

  • Downtime avoidance and improved security through immediate problem and rack access notification

  • Improved visibility and auditability of operations

"RF Code’s real-time technology gives us complete transparency, which allows us to show our customers that we’re hitting those SLAs” — Graeme Logie, Operations Director at DataVita

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