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Exploring Untapped Efficiencies

The Value of Location Awareness

RF Code's wire-free sensors are crucial to monitoring the environmental conditions in your data centers and around your critical IT resources. Using the same readers and software, enhancing an RF Code deployment to include critical asset tracking is a snap ... and the benefits are tremendous!

In this 30-minute presentation, RF Code's John Duggan and Marty Johnstone explore the ways in which adding critical asset tracking to an existing RF Code solution can drive even greater efficiency and savings. Real-world problems that our asset tracking solutions solve include:  

  • Eliminating time-consuming, expensive, and inaccurate manual inventory audits
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the data in your asset repositories and DCIM systems
  • Protecting against theft or unauthorized equipment moves 
  • Seamlessly synchronizing real-time inventory data with accounting systems
  • Streamlining change processes by automatically detecting when equipment has been properly deployed 

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