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Data Center Efficiency and the Internet of Things

The ways in which real-time wire-free solutions improve data center management and operational efficiency.

In this webinar, 451 Research’s Andy Lawrence and RF Code’s Peter Kazmir engage in a thought-provoking discussion of the impact of real-time, wire-free solutions on data center asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring, and the ways in which they vastly improve data center management and operational efficiency.

Topics include:

  • What does real-time mean in the datacenter?
  • The value of contextual, up to date information in a datacenter environment
  • Cloud, IoT and why they benefit from real time intelligence
  • Applications and business benefits of real time intelligence in the datacenter
  • How increasing the operational efficiency of your data center drives operational savings
  • The impact real-time asset lifecycle management has on data center total cost of ownership
  • The importance of granular monitoring to downtime and disaster avoidance
  • How subscription pricing, hosted solutions, and “as a service” offerings are changing data center management

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