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White Paper:

5 Ways Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Helps Data Centers Save Millions of Dollars

The immediate savings associated with an intelligent datacenter temperature management and the ongoing benefits of data center optimization.

Save Money, Save Power and Save Equipment in the Data Center

Today’s data centers are taking the heat both literally and figuratively. With equipment generating enormous amounts of thermal energy, data centers continue to shovel operational funds into cooling as energy costs steadily climb. As an April 2013 Scientific American article recently asserted, “To avoid becoming energy hogs and concomitantly adding more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, these data centers need to smarten up, literally, using new approaches."

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  • the six ways data centers can employ environmental monitoring technology to lower their bottom line
  • the immediate savings associated with an intelligent asset management system
  • the ongoing benefits of data center optimization, including the ROI of this investment

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