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White Paper:

How to Meet ASHRAE Guidelines with Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

How to find the fine line between maximizing savings and minimizing risk of downtime.

The Challenge: Safeguarding Equipment while Reducing Power Consumption

Using Advanced Metrics and RF Code Software to Follow ASHRAE Guidelines

Determining the “right” amount of cooling in the data center can seem nearly impossible: If a data center is too hot, equipment reliability suffers. Over-cool your data center and energy bills can needlessly skyrocket. It is a fine line, but one that must be addressed if maximum value of IT as a strategic advantage is to be realized.

By following ASHRAE’s latest guidelines, many data centers can increase temperatures by 10 or more degrees without risking equipment failure, delivering massive savings directly to the organization’s bottom line. Download this solution brief and learn how RF Code's affordable, wire-free environmental monitoring solutions work in conjunction with ANCIS International's Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) metrics to help you implement data center cooling policies that maximize savings, minimize risk of downtime, and measure your adherence to the ASHRAE guidelines.

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