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White Paper:

Retailers On The Edge

Managing Server Closet Cooling and Edge Deployments to Drive Customer Engagement

The in-store retail experience is important for building customer engagement and driving revenue as quickly as possible. Consumers want what they want, when they want it – 85% expect in-store retail associates to be able to check inventory and pricing in real-time with handheld or fixed devices. And customers are willing to walk away when a retailer can’t give it to them – 69% of consumers3 are more likely to shop with a competitor after just one bad experience in a retail store.

Ignoring this is not an option: Digital interactions, either in-store or online, influence 56 cents. But how do retailers support the IT infrastructure required to provide real-time, location-specific digital service to enable these experiences for customers? By employing edge computing as a tether between in-store interactions and the enterprise network. 

Download our white paper "Retailers On The Edge," and learn how today's savvy retailers are using intelligently designed edge deployments to meet customer expectations and drive company revenue.


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