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White Paper:

Meeting the Demands of The Edge

What Remote Compute Requires— and What Management Solutions Must Deliver—to Maximize the Value of Edge Deployments and Edge Data Center Architecture

The impact of edge is transformational, but this change demands that enterprises evaluate edge management products on more than features and functions. Rather, they must look at the ability of any product to deliver business value. The immediate challenge for anyone deploying edge computing is that this technology is diverse, confusing and undefined. Describing it in high-level abstract or generic terms is worthless, providing little clarity and promoting edge washing by vendors, where all products can be creatively positioned to address the needs of computing at the edge.

RF Code's edge model leverages customer, analyst and partner information to provide a foundational understanding of core edge requirements, edge objective values, product relevance and positioning and how companies can evaluate and assess their path to edge computing.

Download our white paper "Meeting the Demands of the Edge," and learn what remote compute requires— and what management solutions must deliver—to maximize the value of Edge deployments


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