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Register an Opportunity

Register Your Opportunity

Opportunity Registration Criteria:

  • The opportunity is not registered or in discussions by/with another partner.

  • The opportunity is not the subject of a public request for proposal (RFP), invitation for bid (IFB), indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ), or similar tender process, that has been published; provided, however, that before such RFP, IFB, IDIQ, or similar tender process, has been published, the Partner shall be eligible to register the opportunity.

  • Aggregate opportunity size is determined before any taxes, shipping, handling, or other fees are Only RF Code products and services are included in determining opportunity size - third-party products and services are not included in such determinations.
  • Before registering an opportunity, the Partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to such opportunity, such as but not limited to meeting with the end-user’s decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with RF Code products or services, and helping the end-user to define the project requirements to include RF Code products or Partners must include a description of such efforts on the Opportunity Registration form.

  • The Partner must provide sufficient information when registering the opportunity to allow RF Code to determine if the Partner is well positioned to service the opportunity and in order to assist RF Code in determining whether to approve the opportunity.

  • The RF Code opportunity Registration Program is opportunity-based. Each opportunity with a customer is treated separately.

Opportunity Registration Process:

  • The Partner must submit the opportunity for review via the Opportunity Registration tool, provided by RF Code or located in your internal company The first Partner to submit a opportunity that meets all of the opportunity Registration criteria specified above, as determined by RF Code in its sole discretion, will receive an approved opportunity Registration for that opportunity.

  • If an opportunity is approved, RF Code will notify the Partner by e-mail. RF Code strives to notify Partners of its decision within one to two business Travel and holidays may cause delays of notification for approval or denial.

  • If an opportunity is declined, RF Code will notify the Partner by e-mail and will include the reason(s) for such.

  • Approval Period: Registrations are good for six months after which time the opportunity must be re-registered.  No expiration notices are provided to the partner by RF Code. At its discretion, RF Code may extend the Approval Period if sufficient justification exists.

Exceptions: RF Code may, at its discretion, not allow opportunity Registration:

  • If the end-user is a current “active” customer of RF Code directly for the line of product(s).

  • If the end-user has rejected the registering Partner’s bid.

  • If, with respect to an opportunity that is the subject of an approved opportunity Registration, the Partner does not close the opportunity within the Approval Period, and no extension has been granted.

  • If the end-user requests a quote or bid for a fully integrated vertical market solution that includes the products and services covered by the Partner’s opportunity, but the Partner is unable to quote the full solution (hardware, software, services, SLAs).

  • If the Partner is not actively working the opportunity or has been inattentive to the end-user’s needs (for example, by failing to respond to the end-user’s or RF Code’s communications)

  • If the Partner does not lead with or quote the RF Code products or services identified in its registration form or that are covered by the Partner’s LOB.

  • If the Partner is not able to fulfill the opportunity or provide support for the end-user (for example, by failing to have sufficient credit available for the opportunity, if the end-user refuses to work with the Partner, or, with respect to Federal Government opportunities, if the Partner doesn’t possess the required security clearances).

  • If the Partner’s account has been placed on hold by RF Code or Partner has been late in payment.

  • If it is determined that a opportunity is already registered to another partner.

  • If the Partner is in breach of the applicable RF Code Partner Direct Program Terms and Conditions for the region in which it is located.

  • Has engaged in any activity that impairs the integrity of the Partner Direct Program as determined by RF Code.

  • For any other reason as RF Code shall determine in its sole discretion.