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Uninterrupted Visibility in the Face of an Outage

When one of your facilities loses power, you can lose the line of sight of your IT assets. With onboard battery backup, storage, and multiple connection options, Sentry’s IT monitoring platform can keep you connected to critical infrastructure despite a partial or complete power or network loss on-site.

Uninterrupted Visibility For “Lights Out” IT Spaces

With Sentry’s backup battery pack and multiple connection options, you’ll always be prepared for a disaster even if you are hundreds to thousands of miles away.


If your organization has many facilities that house critical infrastructure, you may not know ahead of time when a major weather event is going to strike. Droughts, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and ice storms can all cause extended power outages. Sentry alerts you ahead of time when a weather event is coming so you can take the proper precautions.

Whether it’s a wide area outage or your local network goes down, Sentry remains on and keeps you in the know. Each Sentry unit comes with an Infrared sensor and onboard battery backup to help you maintain a line of sight on your assets. Paired with a cellular modem (not included), Sentry can continue providing you with real-time data despite your network being down. Regardless of what obstacles may arise, Sentry can continuously monitor each of your distributed IT locations 24/7 so you don’t have to.


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I can honestly say the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer. You get three monitoring devices in one unit ... temperature, humidity, and camera monitoring. Sentry is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team's budget. It provides real-time visual access and rich data of each IT environment that we’re monitoring. It also has thermal scanning so I can check any room that houses critical IT equipment for potential hotspots that would cause an outage in the future.
John Fletcher, Lead Technology Analyst
Major U.S. Retail IT Firm

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