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Know What Happened in Your Data Rooms at the Speed of Now

When something goes wrong in any one of your IT spaces, you need more than just a notification (assuming you get one). Sentry’s triggers an instant alert when an environmental condition in your IT space falls outside of normal. You get access to visualized data and insights no matter where you are so you can diagnose and deploy the right resource(s) the first-time.


Detect and Respond to IT Situations Faster

Receive automated alerts and key contextual details so you can prevent or resolve any unexpected IT situation from escalating.


IT situations seem to happen at the most inconvenient or odd hours. The AC converter stops working, a significant weather event knocks out power, or someone accidentally does something in your server closet.

Based on your preferences, Sentry will deploy real-time notifications with links to an intuitive dashboard displaying contextual data so you can quickly analyze and react with confidence. You can configure Sentry alerts the way you want.

  • Set alerts to notify you when there is any type of movement in your server closet.
  • Set alerts to notify you when there is a spike in humidity or temperature in the server room.

You can set and change Sentry environmental alerts as you see fit.


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I can honestly say the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer. You get three monitoring devices in one unit ... temperature, humidity, and camera monitoring. Sentry is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team's budget. It provides real-time visual access and rich data of each IT environment that we’re monitoring. It also has thermal scanning so I can check any room that houses critical IT equipment for potential hotspots that would cause an outage in the future.
John Fletcher, Lead Technology Analyst
Major U.S. Retail IT Firm

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