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Data Center Asset Management & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Active RFID Tracking Tags, Wire-free Environmental Sensors, Dedicated Readers and Locators, and CenterScape Software Deliver a Complete Data Center Management Solution


Three Unique Components.
One Powerful Solution.

RF Code’s asset management and environmental monitoring solutions combine powerful data center management software, tightly integrated with a dedicated reader infrastructure and active RFID asset location and environmental sensors into a complete, end-to-end solution that delivers the accurate, real-time operational data you need to make the decisions that protect your data centers while saving time and money.


Asset Location & Environmental Monitoring Sensors

RF Code's active RFID asset sensors are attached to each IT asset and enable automated IT asset management throughout the asset's entire lifespan, from the point of delivery, through deployment,  to asset disposal. RF Code’s wire-free, easy to deploy environmental sensors provide the visibility and granularity you need to fine-tune the data center environment.

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Dedicated Reader Infrastructure

RF Code compact, easy-to-mount active RFID readers receive the data generated by our wire-free sensors. Working in conjunction with RF Code's infrared-powered rack and room locators, RF Code's dedicated reader infrastructure delivers continuous visibility into asset locations and the conditions that surround. Featuring long read-ranges and the ability to process and deliver the data generated by thousands of asset location and environmental sensors, RF Code readers simplify deployment and ensure continuous real-time data center visibility.

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Centerscape Software

Specifically designed to meet the needs of IT asset managers and data centers of all sorts, from small edge-located server rooms to world-wide hyperscale deployments, CenterScape provides real-time insight, control and predictability over operational risks, costs and compliance, enabling you to address your most challenging data center design, management and operational needs.

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No two organizations are alike, and the same applies to the data centers that deliver their business-critical services.

Built with an emphasis on flexibility and customization, CenterScape is an open platform, with APIs that are designed to allow easy integration with many other solutions utilized in the data center space, including DCIM, ITSM, and BMS services. And as your data center needs grow, CenterScape’s architecture allows for rapid scaling, particularly in global deployments.

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