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Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Your Data Center

CenterScape by RF Code delivers a complete, end-to-end solution specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise data centers, from individual facilities to world-wide deployments. CenterScape provides real-time intelligence, control and predictability over operational risks, costs and compliance, enabling smarter business processes and measurable KPIs across the lifcycle of physical assets.

A single subscription includes a powerful software suite connected to best-in-class, intelligent sensor networks. 

Key Features:

  • Automated data collection: eliminate costly inventory audits that take weeks and teams of people with accurate data collected in real-time, anytime; reduce downtime by reducing the time it takes to properly locate an asset.
  • Granular data: obtain data at the asset/sub-rack level; raise temperatures and save costs without additional risk.
  • Integration with the data center software ecosystem (DCIM, ITSM, BMS): real-time data enables use cases that standalone systems can't do - automated cooling control, virtual machine deployment to utilize cooling and power, contributing to more powerful analytics and intelligence.

CS-screensPowerful, Accurate, Reliable

Get all the data you need in one simple, convenient dashboard.  Real-time, automated
and granular information enables faster and smarter business decisions.  Review trends, analyze current and historical data so you can fine tune and improve processes.  Our
data-driven software offers all the information you need, the moment you need it the most.    


Integration & Scalability

No two organizations are alike, and the same applies to the enterprise data centers that deliver their business-critical services. Built with an emphasis on flexibility and customization, CenterScape is an open platform, with APIs that are designed to allow easy integration with many other solutions utilized in the data center space, including DCIM, ITSM, and BMS solutions.  As your data center needs grow, CenterScape’s architecture allows for rapid scaling, particularly in global deployments.

Use Cases:

  • Physical Asset ManagementCatalog and track assets, audit asset inventory and manage assets throughout their lifecycle.
  • Environmental MonitoringMonitor temperature, humidity and related environmental metrics in the data center to guard against a service outage.

CenterScape by RF Code includes licensed third-party software components. For more information click here.