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Energy Management Can Save You Millions Each Year

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Menno-Quote-2As companies face escalating global data consumption demands, scaling energy usage has become critical for ensuring availability and effective cost management. Wasted power and poorly distributed data center workloads merely equate to financial inefficiency, larger operational costs and reduced profitability. Balancing power against asset reliability requires automated monitoring systems capable of controlling power and cooling at rack level.

Small changes in the data center environment can lead to big savings. ASHRAE found that many data centers are being over-cooled significantly and that by raising rack air intake temperatures by just 1 degree, you can reduce data center power costs by as much as 2-5% annually. And when you have an $80M energy bill that is more than just a few dollars. Add to these savings the millions of dollars in incentives and rebates available to companies that rigorously adhere to energy efficiency regulations and the value becomes crystal clear. Our energy management solutions enable you to:

  • Reduce data center power costs without threatening sustainability
  • Improve density management to implement innovative efficiency strategies
  • Maximize energy use and available capacity for clearer asset workload management
  • Make your data centers more profitable and commercially aligned
  • Leave the power on the grid and the cash in your pocket