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One Company, 54 Data Centers, ROI in 11 Months

Find Out How

Menno-Quote-1Your data center is the strategic asset that powers your entire company. Your CFO needs financial control and executive accountability from every business unit and data center. This means clearer budgeting and procurement decisions based on facts, not speculation. This means regulatory compliance and complete visibility. This means data -- and lots of it -- and the tools to gain insight from that data.

Armed with data on every asset, you can optimize IT workloads, safely increase density, maximize capacity and focus on environmental-related returns.

You need integrated systems that can reduce energy costs without jeopardizing assets or uptime. Our data-driven software, real-time executive dashboards and integration capabilities deliver:

  • Complete visibility of every asset in your data center
  • 100% regulatory compliance and reports that prove it
  • A flexible framework built on a unique instrumentation layer that provides accurate data for planning purposes
  • Operational intelligence to improve performance and a lower asset TCO
  • Faster, more complete monitoring and reporting
  • Integration with business management software like ERP, Business Intelligence and other financial software