July 16, 2013 – AUSTIN, TXRF Code, the global leader in real-time asset management and wire-free environmental monitoring solutions, has been acknowledged in a recent 451 Research report for its unique position in the data center industry, the value its active RFID solutions offer the DCIM industry and the strength of its current partner and customer base.

The report successfully identifies how critical real-time data is for the effective management of a modern data center and how RF Code has evolved to meet this demand. The report states:

“RF Code's recent customer and partnership success suggests that the value of real-time data is beginning to be more appreciated. By focusing on data center instrumentation, the company is emerging as one of the key suppliers for large, complex DCIM deployments.”

Rhonda Ascierto, senior analyst for data center technologies at 451 Research and author of the report, said, “The data center industry continues to grow and data center facilities are becoming more dynamic and more complex. RF Code is positioned to help businesses solve issues around IT asset tracking and data center power and environmental monitoring, as well asset security and personnel tracking.”

Richard Jenkins, RF Code’s vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships, said, “As the report states, enterprises are quickly realizing the value real-time data offers and that the only way to maximize data center efficiency is by implementing an automated solution that assures data accuracy and eliminates unnecessary costs and optimizes capacity. We are pleased 451 Research is actively communicating the meteoric growth of data center management requirements and the business value in RF Code’s technology.”

The report also highlights the impressive growth the company has witnessed, its growing influence outside the US, the strength of its DCIM provider partnerships­–including CA Technologies, iTRACS/CommScope, Nlyte Software, Optimum Path, as well as Server Technologies, IBM, Motorola, GE and others–and the impact it has had across the healthcare and industrial sectors.