Alabama-based IT services provider deploys RF Code's Sentry devices in new edge environments to mitigate risk and ensure business operations

AUSTIN, Texas, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RF Code, a pioneer of automated, real-time physical asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring solutions, today announced that The BOSS Company, a provider of IT services and technology management, has deployed Sentry, RF Code's real-time monitoring innovation for decentralized edge computing locations.

Founded in 2022, The BOSS Company is a fast-growing IT services firm. Since its inception, the company has grown its customer base by 650 percent, expanding the physical and digital footprint of the company's services beyond its home state of Alabama. As a result of scaling its operations, The BOSS Company has distributed its network to bring compute power closer to its customers for increased efficiency and productivity. However, these decentralized, remote locations rarely have any onsite staff to manage IT equipment, which includes everything from physical security to monitoring environmental conditions.

"As a tech company we understand how important it is to leverage best-of-breed technology that will not only help us grow our bottom line but will also ensure we're helping our customers do the same," said Troy McCawley, President, The BOSS Company. "We've seen significant growth over the past year, which has taken us from a local brand to a regional provider, and that level of scale requires a flexible IT backbone to support it. We turned to RF Code to help us manage our remote IT edge locations as their Sentry device is not only affordable, but we also had it up and running in a matter of minutes with customizable alerts tailored to each location. As a small startup, Sentry has been a complete game changer for us, and RF Code is helping us every step of the way."

IDC predicts that 298,000 edge and remote IT locations will be built this year. This means even more critical IT will be housed in locations without on-site IT staff. With one Sentry console deployed in each customer edge environment, The BOSS Company can solve the problem of monitoring critical IT at scale more cost-efficiently without compromising service quality. With deep intelligence and real-time alerts, Sentry can help IT organizations prevent, mitigate, or remediate IT situations that threaten to disrupt business operations.

"Smaller organizations don't always have the luxury of hiring extra IT staff to oversee equipment and support operations as they're focused on providing top-notch customer service and support while growing the business simultaneously," said Dale Quayle, CEO, RF Code. "The BOSS Company is the perfect fit for our Sentry devices as they continue to expand and grow their customer base and their IT footprint into remote, decentralized environments. With Sentry, organizations like The BOSS Company can rest assured that their edge environments are being monitored 24/7 so they can focus on what truly matters to them and their customers."

Available through direct purchase and partner channels, Sentry is RF Code's SaaS innovation for decentralized edge computing locations. To learn more about how Sentry helps organizations better monitor remote IT spaces, please visit

For additional information on how RF Code helps IT organizations better manage and monitor critical IT assets, see the latest white paper from IDC, 'Automated Asset Management: Tools for a Digital-First Infrastructure'.


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