March 5th, 2014 – AUSTIN, TXRF Code, the leader in real-time asset management and environmental monitoring, has introduced the latest in its suite of PDU tags for management of power within data centers. The wire-free R170 PDU Sensor for APC by Schneider Electric 8000 Series PDUs (R170 PDU Sensor for APC) continues RF Code’s dominance in the capture, aggregation and calculation of power usage and distribution to allow data center operators to better manage capacity, improve power distribution efficiency and reduce the costs associated with “stranded” power.

The RF Code R170 PDU Sensor for APC eliminates networking costs, using wire-free sensor technology to deliver outlet-level power usage data (including connected/disconnected status, active power, and apparent power usage). Instead of utilizing a costly Ethernet connection for each PDU in the data center, customers simply plug the RF Code sensor into their 8000 Series Rack PDU. Once connected, power usage data is delivered via the RF Code wire-free sensor network to supported platforms, including RF Code’s Zone Manager middleware and Asset Manager platform.

Power and cooling management continues to drive an increase in investment in sensor technology. RF Code is seen as the industry standard for data centers looking to take control of power distribution, capacity planning – including rack density – and provides the critical data needed to maximize the value of the data center without increasing risk of downtime.

Leading DCIM vendors – including CA, Nlyte, CommScope/iTRACS, and Siemens – rely on RF Code’s real-time management capabilities; from automating the audit process and tracking asset moves as they happen, to maintaining disaster-free environments while saving money through monitoring power distribution, thermal conditions and airflow.

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RF Code is the world’s fastest growing, leading provider of distributed IT environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. Its patented tracking and sensor technologies, deployed by many of the Fortune 250, help manage the global data centers of some of the largest IT service providers. RF Code is an essential component of the asset management, risk and compliance assurance, and automated control systems in healthcare, IT Services, industrial supply chains and natural resources/oil & gas industries. 


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