Original research on edge computing from RF Code clarifies the real-world use and management of edge environments to deliver business services, especially in the financial services and healthcare industries

AUSTIN, TX – January 13, 2019 RF Code, the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions for data centers, today announces the results of original research to get a true and accurate understanding of how large corporations were managing their edge computing environments and the real challenges they face. The research revealed that the edge computing is a highly important and growing market: 47% of organizations surveyed have up to 50 edge locations with 30% exceeding 250 edge locations.

While the research reveals that there is no single edge approach or solution that will address the needs for all industries and all companies, there was agreement on the challenges:  technology (61%) and people (57%) cost and edge visibility (57%). When it comes to managing critical edge facilities, more than half of the companies surveyed have dedicated IT support staff and 70% want to use a cloud-based management platform. And almost all organizations currently using edge recognize the value of tracking, monitoring, and managing these critical assets.

“This research highlights what we’ve been seeing in the market,” said Dale Quayle, CEO of RF Code. “That edge technology is growing in importance, especially in the financial services and healthcare spaces. Companies are looking to vendors with proven edge capabilities to understand best practices and how to effectively and efficiently implement edge solutions for their business.”

About RF Code

RF Code is the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions. RF Code’s solution—consisting of sensors, dedicated infrastructure and powerful CenterScape software platform—replaces expensive and inaccurate manual processes with real-time intelligence, enabling organizations to reduce costs and reduce risk of downtime by improving asset utilization, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing risk mitigation.

RF Code solutions track more than three million sensors worldwide, and have delivered over $100 million in savings to hundreds of customers, including more than half of the internet and telecommunications companies in the Fortune 500. RF Code is based in Austin, Texas, with partners around the world. Additional information can be found at

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