February 4, 2015 - Austin, TX - RF Code today launched new branding, a streamlined website and a strong commitment to providing Workplace IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to data centers and enterprises. Success over the past three years has seen RF Code firmly established as the leading asset management and monitoring solution provider to industries including finance, HCC (Hosting, Cloud and Colocation) and telecommunications data centers.

“The new branding and website reflect our new messaging and strategy”, said Ed Healy, RF Code’s CEO. “We have provided software, integration and enterprise-wide sensor instrumentation for years but have been known as simply a hardware manufacturer. This is not reflective of what our customers are telling us. We have a full-suite solutions platform and are investing in the next generation of analytics, process integration and IoT facilitation.”

Andy Lawrence, Vice President of Research, Datacenter Technologies at 451 Research, added, “RF Code has a strong presence in the largest segment of the DCIM market – environmental monitoring and asset management. Their rapid growth and focus on managing the whole lifecycle of the assets shows how important this type of close monitoring is becoming in helping companies maximize the use of data center capacity, and in accurate procurement and provisioning.”

In a recent survey, RF Code found its top twenty customers use the RF Code software platform, either as the lone data center management application or as part of a solution containing BMS or DCIM systems. CME Group and IBM, both of which use the RF Code asset management solution, discussed their successful deployments at recent industry events:

CME Group spoke of “88% improvement in operational efficiency” and “audit accuracy up from 60% to 100%”.
IBM, with over 300,000 assets being tracked using RF Code, experienced an improvement in inventory accuracy from 71.8% to 99.7%; identified 13.8% of asset movements with no change ticket; reduced reconciliation time of “lost” assets by 80% and reduced locating time of assets for audits, maintenance, etc. by 94%; and virtually eliminated the cost of the manual inventory process.

The company is positioning itself as a “Workplace IoT” platform. Predominantly used in the tracking of distributed IT and data center assets from delivery-to-decommission, its solutions are also deployed in over 60 hospitals, throughout supply chains and other industrial operations including many oil and gas projects.

“We’ve proven the ROI of our environmental and power solutions on many occasions. CenturyLink, for example, not only saves millions of dollars in power and cooling costs annually but also by receiving rebate incentives from their energy company”, continued Healy. ”The CEOs and CFOs of enterprise data centers are looking for more accountability for the data center. The cost of owning tens or hundreds of thousands of assets, when the visibility of them may be lost, is many times higher. This is where RF Code leads the industry.”

About RF Code

RF Code is one of the world’s leading providers of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the data center, healthcare, industrial logistics and supply chain sectors.

The company’s flexible framework, a complete software/hardware suite, provides global leaders in the financial services, telecommunications, cloud and co-location service industries real-time asset tracking, asset lifecycle management and sensor networks monitoring environmental, security and facility conditions.

These Real-Time Service Optimization and data analytics tools provide executives the intelligence required to accurately visualize and manage the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their data center and distributed IT investments.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Austin, TX, RF Code has offices and partners in the UK, EMEA, Australia, Asia and South America.