RFID vendors should be smiling these days. The industry seems to have hit a real turning point, and the pattern of growth they envisioned is finally becoming a reality. Companies are adopting the technology, which is great, but they are also realizing (after the initial rollout) that there are other places within their organizations that can benefit from this great technology.

Recently, we spoke with Richard Jenkins, RF Code vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships. "It is quite gratifying to see how adoption is transpiring," he told SCAN/DCR. "We've had tremendous success in big data facilities, but now there are other markets that are probably going to equal or surpass what we've done there. For instance, healthcare is going to skyrocket. We are working on a number of systems with GE Healthcare, including one that monitors hand washing. With infections growing rampantly in hospitals, it is imperative that nurses, doctor, technicians, and other caregivers wash their hand frequently."

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