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Attention MSPs:
Delight customers and boost profits with Sentry

Surprise outages and unnecessary truck rolls at customer IT sites create dissatisfied customers and erode your profits. But it's easy to fix.


Upgrade to a Smart Room Solution

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Delight customers

Serve your customers better than anyone else can. Know about emerging problems before your customers do. Respond faster and prevent more problems than ever before.


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Boost profits

Avoid unnecessary costs and truck rolls. Know what’s happening and the conditions inside each room before you go.


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Grow revenue

Retain current customers and make it easier to win new ones. MSPs build Sentry into managed services and re-sell to customers.



Know what's happening

Live and recorded video with motion detection offers better visibility than being there.



Prevent failure from heat

Thermal imaging with 768 monitoring points, combined with ambient temperature.



Prevent failure from humidity

Humidity sensor with the ability to correlate to motion and temperature events.



Prevent failure from water damage

Wireless fluid leak sensor can be easily installed where you need it. (Sold separately.)




Easy to deploy + use

Plug in the device, show it a QR code, and you're done. Instantly get visibility into the IT room and receive real-time alerts.




What MSPs are saying







“This is a no-brainer. We decided to put a Sentry in every one of our customers’ IT closets because it keeps us in the loop on everything going on. If we can figure out the issue before something happens without having to send someone out to the facility, then that saves me money and it makes my customers much happier.”


Troy McCawley
President, The BOSS Company



“We need to be able to do more with less, and Sentry helps us do that. I put one in with a customer. He is ecstatic to have that kind of insight into what is going on inside his server rooms. Our customers are delighted with Sentry because we’re ahead of the curve as far as technology. That’s what we sell when we’re sitting in front of a customer. We’re not reacting. We’re proactive.”


Jim Burke
COO, Links Technology

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