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 Sentry is the Unfair Advantage for Managed Service Providers

Real-time IT Room Monitoring & Alerts Without Being On-Prem 

IDC predicts that 298,000 edge and remote IT locations will be built this year. This means even more critical IT will be housed in locations without on-site IT staff. Sentry represents an opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs to solve the problem of monitoring critical IT more cost-efficiently without compromising service quality. Sentry makes it easier to prevent, thwart, or remediate costly IT situations without being there.

  • Customized alerts and monitoring for each client IT room

  • Temperature sensors and thermal cameras for rack-level observability

  • Motion sensor and camera to see what is happening or direct personnel

  • Failure-tolerant connections and backup battery in case of power outages

  • Real-time and historical dashboards across all client IT rooms

Download the guide, Simplify with Sentry: The Easiest Way to Monitor Unmanned, Remote IT Spaces to see how Sentry helps IT teams maintain complete visibility and control of remote IT rooms.




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Protect SLAs

Your customers deserve the best possible service. Through advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities, detect and resolve issues before they negatively impact your SLAs.

Boost Account Profitability

Reduce downtime and minimize the risk of expensive repairs. With real-time insights into your infrastructure performance, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your operations for maximum profits.

Add New Revenue Streams

By offering cutting-edge remote edge computing services to your customers, you can create new revenue streams and bolster existing ones.

How it Works

Click the icons below to see what Sentry can help you monitor in your distributed IT spaces.


Key Sentry Features

Asset Visibility with Motion Detection

Get live and recorded video monitoring of all your remote IT environments from anywhere at any time.

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Tracking temperature activity has never been easier. Sentry’s thermal sensors monitor temperature fluctuations, pinpoint hot spots, and alert you of any spikes.

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Humidity Monitoring

Continually receive accurate temperature and humidity readings from Sentry and keep your equipment running in optimal conditions.

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What excites me about Sentry is that it gives me a mini network of first responders on one device. I’ll get alerts if the temperature or humidity in the room or server level exceeds a desired threshold. And since this is one device that monitors many things, I avoid managing a hodgepodge of disparate equipment and data points from each. With so many client IT rooms to monitor, Sentry gives me a line of sight across all sites from my chair.

Dave Carlish
South Florida Managed Service Provider

One of the most difficult parts of the job is to have “eyes and ears” in remote or “lights-out” locations, such as branch offices, wiring closets, or remote data centers. I often had to rely on local administrators who were typically at the low end of the technical scale, or I would need to drive to the location myself. Sentry provides a low-cost way for IT administrators to better manage remote locations.

Zeus Kerravala
Founder and principal analyst with ZK Research

I can honestly say the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer. You get three monitoring devices in one unit ... temperature, humidity, and camera monitoring. Sentry is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team's budget. It provides real-time visual access and rich data on each IT environment that we’re monitoring. It also has thermal scanning so I can check any room that houses critical IT equipment for potential hotspots that would cause an outage in the future.

John Fletcher
Lead Technology Analyst for a major U.S. Retailer (1,500 stores)


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