RF Code: Solutions for a More Efficient Data Centre

According to Pike Research, “The worldwide market for green data centres will grow from £10.1 billion in 2012 to £28 billion by 2016 – at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 28%.” Rising energy costs are not the only reason behind this growth. Stringent government regulations and mandates (such as the EC Code of Conduct, The Energy Labelling Directive and The Green Design Directive), emerging energy related best practices requiring new approaches and technologies, and risks to a company’s reputation for abusing power usage, all add up to a growth opportunity for the channel.

Alongside the flourishing green data centre market, the demand for automated data centre solutions is burgeoning. Driven by the simultaneous need to reduce operational costs while increasing service levels, the insistence for automation is now converging with the needs of the green data centre. Add the demands of
big data - especially to ensure a data centre’s infrastructure is spot on- and the opportunity is obvious.

This convergence has created a sweet spot where innovative, fully automated solutions bring affordable, powerful capabilities that significantly reduce the time and cost of running efficient, optimised data centres, including cloud facilities.

Sitting squarely in the centre of this highly profitable convergence is RF Code. As a global company, RF Code offers real-time IT asset management and wire-free environmental and power monitoring to help customers run data centres as models of operational and fiscal excellence.

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