By Jason Verge

RF Code, the company best known for its RFID-tag-based asset management solutions has a new CEO at the helm. Ed Healy has stepped into the role as the company prepares to launch a new strategy, aiming to change the dynamics of using Big Data to run data centers. Early in his tenure, Healy sees massive opportunity in both global expansion and improving proactive asset management capabilities through software.

RF Code provides asset management, environmental monitoring and data center optimization solutions. Its strategic imperative is to provide actionable insight into collected data. “It’s a misnomer to view RF Code as strictly an RFID play,” Healy says. He believes there is a lot more value in the data the company collects, and that value lies in predictive analytics.

“A lot of what’s going on right now is collecting a lot of data,” he says. “We’re putting it into reports that are meaningful to operators. In terms of predictive analytics, there’s a lot of development we can throw in. We’re tied into building management, so adaptive technologies are the big opportunity going forward.”

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