AUSTIN, TX., August 28, 2013 -- RF Code, leading global provider of IT asset tracking and environmental monitoring solutions, today announced that it passed two million asset tracking tags sold worldwide to leading companies who are solving the regulatory, financial and resource demands faced by today's critical IT facilities by implementing RF Code's hardware and software solutions.

RF Code is the only company to provide a one-platform solution that incorporates power, environmental, security and asset management data. Used by most of the largest financial institutions and all of the top IT vendors, it delivers the data necessary to plan, manage and strategically plan a complex data center environment.

"This is a huge milestone for us," said Mitch Medford, CEO of RF Code. "The speed at which our asset management solutions are being adopted has increased at an unprecedented rate in 2013 while our environmental sensors are trending to take us to three million tags and sensors in the market in just a few months. After deploying RF Code into their data centers, our largest customer calls us their 'automated infrastructure platform for managing physical assets'."

IBM recently presented some of their ROI results at the 2013 Uptime Institute Symposium. They now have over 99.7% visibility of their data center assets from a starting point of 71.8%, enjoy 100% audit compliance savings on any manual inventory collection, reduced asset location time by 94% and improved asset reconciliation time of lost assets by 80%. CME Group presented results of 99% accuracy in audits and 88% improvements in efficiency at the asset management professional's IAITAM event in Houston.

As an incentive for passive customers to realize the benefits of active RFID, RF Code launched a new "Passive-to-Active (P2A)" program today. The company will offer money-back on every passive tag deployed at enterprise companies – whether in distributed IT, in the data center, in the supply chain or in healthcare – when they upgrade to an automated, RF Code active RFID solution.

"We have received strong endorsements from Gartner, 451 Research and IDC this year and have established relationships with all of the leading DCIM, power and infrastructure vendors in the data centers sector", explained Richard Jenkins, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships. "Enterprises are now acting on the potential risk of not having the accurate data we provide and this is reflected in our continual growth."

In addition, RF Code is the RFID provider behind GE Healthcare's asset tracking solutions in over 45 hospitals, as well as providing returnable container tracking and other supply chain solutions to industrial markets in EMEA and North America.

RF Code's deep integration in the data center industry continues to secure their position as the de facto standard solution for IT asset management and environmental tracking.

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