New customizable software and ultra-thin active RFID asset tag provide continuous visibility of the locations of valuable mobile assets throughout their entire lifecycle.


AUSTIN, TX  (September 10, 2020) —  RF Code, the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions for data centers, today announced the availability of its new Mobile Asset Tracking Solution. The solution consists of custom dashboards and reports within the CenterScape platform that are designed to track, in real-time, mobile assts. The solution also includes the new M184 Asset Tag that has a sleek profile ideally suited for use on laptops, tablets, A/V equipment, lab equipment, and other valuable mobile assets. Featuring an industrial strength adhesive backing and a 4+ year battery life, the real-time visibility into the locations of highly mobile assets provided by the M184 Asset Tag ensures accurate IT audits and provides the actionable data needed to ensure operational efficiency.

“Assets are not fixed in isolation, and in many cases can be highly mobile which can lead to theft, loss and over provisioning,” said Dale Quayle, CEO of RF Code. “With our mobile asset tracking solution, you know the exact physical location of your mobile assets in real-time, helping prevent asset loss and theft while automating inventory and helping drive down capital and operational expenses across the board.”

With the addition of the M184 Asset Tag to RF Code’s best-in-class real-time asset track solution, organizations can:

  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement expenses due to lost, stolen or missing assets
  • Replace costly, error-prone manual asset management processes with accurate, real-time, automated audits
  • Streamline operations by monitoring and managing mobile assets and resources in remote facilities or among multiple locations
  • Reduce loss of valuable mobile IT assets (and the sensitive information they carry)
  • Maximize the ROI of mobile assets by tracking utilization, scheduling of routine maintenance, and ensuring the asset is fully operational throughout its entire asset lifecycle

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RF Code is the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions. RF Code’s solution—consisting of sensors, dedicated infrastructure and powerful CenterScape software platform—replaces expensive and inaccurate manual processes with real-time intelligence, enabling organizations to reduce costs and reduce risk of downtime by improving asset utilization, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing risk mitigation.

RF Code solutions track more than three million sensors worldwide, and have delivered over $100 million in savings to hundreds of customers, including more than half of the internet and telecommunications companies in the Fortune 500. RF Code is based in Austin, Texas, with partners around the world. Additional information can be found at

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