This Sensor Tag Integrates with Existing 4-20ma Sensors to Monitor and Measure Environmental Conditions in Data Centers, Hospitals and Other Critical Facilities.

r180 left-smallAustin, Texas, April 23rd, 2014 -- RF Code, the leader in wire-free, real-time asset management and environmental monitoring solutions, announced the R180 4-20mA sensor tags, that enable users to integrate 4-20mA sensors into their RF Code sensor network.  Industry-standard 4-20mA sensors—available both as individual “stand alone” sensors and as integrated components of devices such as Smart PDUs (Power Distribution Units), refrigeration units and generators—are used to measure and report specific physical or environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, tank levels, or flow rates. 

Typically, data can only be obtained from these sensors when they are physically connected to a control system or other device, requiring extensive wiring and cabling to receive the monitored data.  Now with the R180 sensor tag, users can now easily connect their existing 4-20mA sensor directly into the sensor tag to allow transmission of readings over RF Code’s wire-free network.  The data obtained from the sensor reader is transmitted to a management platform, such as RF Code’s Zone Manager middleware and Asset Manager platform to review and conduct analysis of the data collected.

Two well-known global computer manufacturers are presently deploying R180 tags in their data centers, connecting the 4-20mA sensors integrated with their existing air cooling/air handling systems and emergency generators to their wire-free sensor networks. By replacing costly wired connections with RF Code wire-free sensor tags, these customers are simultaneously reducing operational costs and increasing visibility into the data center environment. This ensures that data center operators have the information they need to maximize savings and minimize downtime.

RF Code customers are also using R180 sensor tags to monitor equipment and conditions outside the data center, including:

  • Cryogenic freezer units in healthcare facilities
  • Fuel levels in emergency backup generators deployed in mobile and cellular network towers and remote facilities
  • Air pressure regulator and air flow control valves in industrial environments
  • Fluid level sensors in industrial and chemical fluid storage tanks

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