AUSTIN, TX, August 28, 2013 --RF Code, one of the world’s leading real-time asset management and environmental monitoring companies, has launched a “Passive-to-Active” upgrade program of incentives for large IT environments – predominantly data centers – to automate their audit, asset tracking and capacity management capabilities.

Passive RFID is used in consumer goods, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries to track goods. It has also been used in strategically-important data centers of many of the world’s largest companies but its limitations are now causing major regulatory, security and financial implications.

RF Code has grown to become the leading provider of automated asset lifecycle management in the finance and banking, IT and the data centers of the most successful companies in the world. Its technology enables an asset – of any shape or size – to be tracked from the moment it enters a facility or the supply chain, through every move it makes in offices or the complex environment in a data center, to its final disposal.

RF Code announced today that they have deployed over two million asset management tags worldwide. “Large enterprises have invested thousands to millions of dollars in a passive technology which does not reduce the error-strewn manual process or eliminate loss of critical systems”, explained Mitch Medford, CEO of RF Code. “This simple upgrade program pays back the investment the customer made in passive technology and provides the guaranteed ROI of RF Code’s solutions.”

Customers who have invested in, and recently presented seven-figure ROI numbers since deployment, include IBM and CME Group. Both looked at passive RFID but the cost difference between the two was so small, and the TCO for passive so high, that they immediately chose RF Code. Other companies, including two of the largest financial institutions worldwide, have recently abandoned recent investments in passive solutions in favor of the automation and accuracy of the Active RFID technology.

RF Code will offer money-back on every passive tag deployed at enterprise companies – whether in distributed IT, in the data center, in the supply chain or in healthcare – when they upgrade to an automated, RF Code active RFID solution.

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About RF Code

RF Code is the world's fastest growing, leading providers of distributed IT environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. Its patented tracking and sensor technologies are deployed by many of the Fortune 250 and help manage the global data centers of some of the largest IT service providers. RF Code is an essential component of the asset management, risk and compliance assurance and automated control systems in healthcare, IT Services, industrial supply chains and natural resources/oil & gas industries. RF Code is a privately held company with investors including QuestMark Partners and Intel Capital. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices and partners in the UK, EMEA, Australia, Asia and South America.


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