In his May 4th editorial, Luke Upton of Datacenter Dynamics observes how "organizations of all sizes, in all business sectors, are part of this IT transformation, shifting compute from the traditional data center out to the Edge."

However,  these highly distributed, unstaffed, ‘lights out’ spaces this shift comes with unique challenges and demand enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities that must be accounted for. At the recent DCD>Building at the Edge event, RF Code's Jonathan Luce and Ross Sonnabend addressed these challenges in a thought-provoking presentation titled "Building a Data Center Management Reference Architecture: From the Edge, through the Core, to the Cloud." In this hour-long presentation Jonathan and Ross defined the Edge as an extension of the existing data center architecture, discussed the unique characteristics of Edge spaces that must be accounted for in a cohesive reference architecture, and looked at some real-world examples of large organizations that successfully transitioned their traditional data center operations to embrace Edge computing. 

Want to learn more, or watch the presentation for yourself? Read the full Datacenter Dynamics editorial here, or register to watch the free on-demand presentation here.